Recently completed installations in East Sussex.    
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     Restoration of leaded double glazing instead of standard glazing in order to enhance a 1930s bay window.
sliding doors   sliding doors   sliding doors
Renovation of wood-framed sliding doors and windows under a flat roof completely removed and replaced.
covered passageway covered passageway covered passageway covered passageway
Demolition of covered passageway and complete replacement to provide weatherproof access and storage space.
double-fronted house  large house  small window large house
Converted apartment building completely reglazed, the old wooden sash windows removed and modern double glazed units installed, utilising original frames, which meet local authority conservation area standards.
Replacement front doors, the most important feature when approaching the property.
arched windowdouble doorsquare panes
Arched uPVC window and security door. Feature double doors in existing frame. Porch to bring front door out of corner.
seaside conserv   seaside conserv   seaside conserv
Removal of old wooden-framed windows on a beach-side property, and replacement with weatherproof PVC units.
restructuring of previous renovation  old square bay old square bay new square bayConversion of an old square bay window in an apartment block to allow access via double doors into the garden.
Rebuild of an old flat-roofed extension enclosing original French windows and back door, split for use as a utility and leisure space. The French windows are replaced with a picture window and the door remodelled.

corner conserv corner conserv corner conserv
corner conserv corner conserv corner conserv     
    The new conservatory features a pitched glazed roof, bright modern interior, and double doors into the garden, showing how a small     sheltered space can be converted to provide exceptional living accommodation by combining traditonal design, quality materials, and
    the latest construction techniques. Please click HERE for more details of the wide range of designs available.
Thanks to the owners of the properties on this page for permission the use these photographs.