The renovation and improvement of a property in Pevensey Bay
The single-storey dwelling at the time of purchase, as presented by the estate agents. The project grew from a need to replace the small wooden conservatory at the rear and install rear windows and door, to a complete remodelling of the exterior walls and the reworking of the lounge, kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms. The work involved laying new drainage pipes and power cables offered the opportunity to relay the front and side areas to provide better access and increase parking space.

front view

lounge kitchen large bedroom
small bedroom conservatory conservatory
Thanks to the owners of this property and Bay Real Estate of Pevensy Bay for permission to use these photographs.

Architect's plans of the original layout and proposed rebuilding. As the work has progressed the proposed plan has been modified to accommodate new ideas and as a result of difficulties modifying the underlying structure.

floor plan 

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