Demolition, laying foundations, and beginning construction
The groundwork has been completed, the front garden and garage access levelled, and at the rear, the concrete base and foundations laid for the extension.New drains and electrical cables have also been laid underground to service the new kitchen and bathrooms.
new front new front new front door
The main building work quickly defines the new aspect of the property 
new front new front extend the porch
The front porch now enclosed, providing space to extend the main bedroom  
new back new back new back
The old lean-to removed, foundations laid, and the extension roofed before removing the original back wall
new back roof new back new back
The original back wall and rear door before demolition, with the new front door and folding doors in place
 new back roof new rooflight
The flat roof allowed installation of a lantern light, providing both light and ventilation for the deep living. kitchen area  
new rooflight new rooflight new rooflight
Safe installation of the lantern light and the extensive wiring for the electronically-controlled climate control system
new floor new floor new floor
Underfloor heating in the living area forms part of the climate-control system   
kitchen lounge kitchen view of lounge
The kitchen/ living area formed from a bedroom and shower room and the first switch-on of interior lights  
view of kitchen area kitchen units kitchen units
Installation of the kitchen units, water and power, and the overhead extraction system   
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