The result so far...  
The exterior and rear living accommodation are complete, leaving the bedrooms and bathrooms to remodel, while work begins on the forecourt area   
new front view  
new front view new side entrance rear extension
The front elevation is deceptively small, but access to the 'front' door at the rear allows direct access to the living area
electric controls lantern light electric controls  
The electronic controls for interior and exterior lighting and the climate-control system, also accessed remotely
extension open interior extension interior extensio
The 5-panel folding doors open to provide unrestricted access to the garden, combining both indoor and outdoor living
folding doors open folding window detail folding doors closed
The folding doors form a heavy substantial glass wall when closed but move easily on precision rollers
dining area  kitchen dining area
The open dining area with easy access to the kitchen, extendable onto the patio area   
 cooker kitchen
View showing open aspect from the kitchen, through the lounge, out onto the patio and garden
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