If your new French windows lead out onto a decked area or flat roof and you need to provide safety rails, or you want to put the finishing touch to an outdoor area, consider a modern stainless steel balustrade. Now available in component form rather than custom engineered, (almost) maintenance-free steel, with glazed, wire, or solid infill panels are an affordable alternative to wood.
 balustrade post     steelend cap     wooden rail     steel bracket
 steel bracket     steel bracket     steel bracket     steel infill
These are just a small selection of the many high-quality stylish stainless steel components which can be combined to produce a unique balustrade. Superior grade steel is available for use in heavily polluted or marine environments.

     The photos below illustrate how a flat roof of an extension was converted into a safely enclosed balcony with spectacular views across Pevensey Bay.
balcony balcony balcony view
Please contact me for advice whether you need a balustrade to supplement an existing balcony, you're planning to extend loft space out onto a flat roof, or you need further details of styles and finishes available.